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Experience the original
whole-person program to manage
your health and wellbeing.
“wellness principles for greater quality of life”
Lisa A. Perez, MA, CTRS
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Change your life now with the proven whole-person approach – Wellness Inventory. This is the most comprehensive program for personal wellbeing
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This dynamic program has an interactive web portal to help you determine priorities and achieve goals by balancing all aspects of life – work, play, fitness, nutrition, personal and professional relationships.
“I highly recommend
this program.”
James Gordon, MD
Founder and Director, Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Endorsed by MDs, RNs, therapists, naturopaths, wellness and life coaches. Proven for over 30 years, this visionary, deep approach is now online for easy interactive access and self-management. Wellness Inventory online portal lets you organize, balance, and improve all areas of your life, from relationships to activities, for any lifestyle!
“An amazing program
and source of my
life-long wellbeing.”
Dee, North Carolina
 Live healthier.     Reduce stress.
 Lose weight.     Gain work-life balance.
“practical tools to create sustainable lifestyle change”
Dean Edell, MD
Best-selling author and national radio show host.
“For the first time,
I experienced
as a whole person –
body, mind, emotions, spirit.”
Jason, Washington
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With this fun-to-use online program, you can:
  • Discover what you’re most motivated to change...
  • Create and manage action steps for improvement...
  • Connect to deeper meaning in your personal life.
  • Enjoy better work-life balance and productivity.
  • Gain more clarity and focus for your endeavors.
  • Little cost, BIG difference.
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    Wellness Tool 1, Assessment Assessment - assess your current level of wellbeing and motivation as a whole person, in all 12 dimensions.
    Wellness Tool 2, Create Wellness Plan Action Plan - create action steps, set reminders, and track your progress using small steps for continual improvement.
    Wellness Tool 4, My Virtual Wellness Coach Virtual Coach - learn how to identify priorities and to create focused, SMART, successful action steps.
    Wellness Tool 7, Wellness Progress Tracker Progress Tracker - measure your growth in your personal wellbeing in all 12 dimensions as you continually improve.
    Wellness Tool 3, Use Wellness Journal Wellness Journal - capture your new experiences, insights and awareness in each of the 12 dimensions to record your ongoing improvement.
    Wellness Tool 5, Wellness Self Study Center Self Study Center - access wellness commentaries on each of the 120 assessment statements to deepen your wellness awareness.
    Wellness Tool 6, Wellness Resource Centers Wellness Resource Centers - support your ongoing improvement with self-care practices for each of the 12 dimensions as well as expert resources.
    “integration of wellness
    principles that will
    accompany you for a
    Meg Jordon, PhD, RN, Dept. Chair,
    California Institute of Integral Studies
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    Better wellbeing for all lifestyles!
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       Learn 240 insights about your
    wellbeing and life balance!
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    virtual coach!
       Track progress in all
    dimensions of your life!
    Be more organized, balanced, and live life more fully.
    A "New Vision" for Wellness, Coach Certification and Workplace Wellness