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Employee Wellbeing

Personal power. Group dynamics.

We are the original whole-person model for continuous self-managed personal and professional wellbeing. Now as an online engagement platform and proven successful by coaches and practitioners for decades, the Wellness Inventory is an evidence-based program ideal for diverse employee groups.

This isn’t a get-fit-quick scheme dependent upon short-term games. It inspires self-responsibility for creating and managing individual wellbeing to realize full potential. We leverage group dynamics to enhance behavior change that must happen from within an individual for lasting results.

Employee Wellness
Wellness Inventory has helped us create a culture of wellness.
“Employees are embracing healthier lifestyle, including being more active, improving work/life balance, improving their ability to manage stress. We have 100% participation and are now entering our third year with the program.”

Aly Carter, Wellness Coordinator


Forget “corporate wellness.”
Typical programs assume that wellness happens at work. They fail. Two-thirds of our life outside work shapes our behavior and lifestyle. Without a true whole-person approach with practical tools to manage wellbeing at home and at work, programs are weak.

We’re different. The Wellness Inventory program enables the employer to be an active partner to manage wellbeing. Our approach doesn’t make the employer the “big brother” provider. We motivate deeper understanding for individuals to accept full self-responsibility to sustain their optimal wellbeing, with support at work and from peers.

Real behavior change.
Permanent change doesn’t come from a few weeks of just games, challenges, marketing tricks, webinars, diet tips, or posters. After initial interest, these tactics usually fail to change behavior.

It takes a strategic approach over time. We know from neuroscience that individuals can alter the brain’s neural pathways to create new behaviors, but this requires coordinated, personalized, and sustained actions over time.

Our acclaimed program is a one-year renewable license for a good reason – we take the necessary time to identify, achieve, and sustain healthier personal behaviors. It’s now available to workplaces and it works (as one example, see this year’s American College Health Foundation Aetna Award for Wellness Innovation here.)

Change comes from within the individual. Social and peer influences help but won’t last without personal commitment. Our online platform and offline activities at work and home empower participants to self-manage their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

This is well beyond standard prevention, which isn’t sufficient to build resilience, increase energy, reduce stress, and live life to the fullest. Wellness Inventory is an ongoing, active management system for whole-person wellbeing.

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Not surprising.
Managing wellbeing isn’t a priority in our fast-paced society, let alone at work. “Quick” and “easy” initiatives fail to sustain participation.

Think about it: people manage relationships, career, family, and friendships, but other than occasional physical or diet initiatives, very few people actively manage their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing (they don’t “participate” until they get sick or need treatment).

Participation over time is very low for most “wellness” programs. Many initiatives have been minimized by time or budget and deployed as a generic template. This doesn’t work with diverse employees who have different personal situations and needs.

Sustained participation.
Our renewable license is for one year, yet our system is more affordable than many programs that last only a few weeks or months. We’re your long-term partner to achieve real and lasting improvement.

Our team has over four decades of wellness expertise and over a decade of marketing, employee communications, job engagement experience, and executive coaching. Designed for your specific employee population demographics and lifestyles, as well as your corporate culture, we develop a viable one-year Engagement Plan to maximize sustained participation.

If some of your employees like a challenge, great. If others like mobile devices that measure steps, sleep and other biometrics, no problem. If still others are more private, we also appeal to them. Some may want coaching, so we have Wellness Inventory certified coaches. We calibrate the program to meet diverse needs.

Managing whole-person wellbeing is beyond a participation rate, it’s really a lifestyle with strong self-responsibility that drives continual actions to manage all aspects of life (at home and at work). Everything impacts wellbeing (which includes capacity for optimal contribution in the workplace).

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Here are a few key points for how the Wellness Inventory program works:

Know the employees.
With a flood of mobile devices providing oceans of data, and with increased focus on biometrics and HRA-style data, there's no shortage of information. It's not about the quantity of data, it's about relevance and results. That means knowing the employees - what they dislike and like. We work with your HR team and/or wellness coordinator to understand your employee population segments, influencers, and peer groups. We review your operations and workload requirements for employees including managers and executives. We examine your employee communications universe and culture. Then we create your Engagement Plan.

Personal Online Portal.
We provide every employee with a comprehensive portal for managing all aspects of their wellbeing. Our whole-person model with 12 life dimensions was among the first to launch the wellness movement four decades ago, and now it's a powerful online platform. Change is never easy, but we help people learn more, do more, adapt to life challenges more readily, and continually make progress at home and at work. Our unique portal is a single point to access all things related to wellbeing.

Functions include:

  • evaluating wellness habits and readiness to change;
  • creating thoughtful, viable actions steps;
  • tracking progress including workplace activities;
  • journaling related to personal objectives;
  • and continual learning.
The Wellness Inventory online platform also includes robust virtual coaching prompts designed by the best coaches in the business. If people are unsure about or unsatisfied with action steps, the prompts help to create focused actions. There's nothing else like it.

Offline Activities.
Scaled and tailored for your particular employee population, we make specific recommendations for your HR or wellness team. Or, we can provide a 12-month calendar of specific worksite and off-site activities relevant to your employees, including challenges, workshops, and initiatives for the whole enterprise, for departments or teams, or for all of these levels.

If you have some initiatives that work (such as a gym, chair massage, yoga, stops competition), we integrate them or enhance them.

Incentives and Rewards.
Behavioral economics and social psychology have defined best practices for continual incentives and rewards for outcomes. Based on three decades of workplace evidence by incentive professionals, we plan what will be most relevant for your diverse employee segments.

All participant's portals are confidential, but we provide helpful aggregate Wellness and Motivation reports that an employer can sort by:

  • eight different demographics (such as gender, age, diet);
  • location or department;
  • or by team.
We also provide an Engagement Report that tracks what parts of the Wellness Inventory program employees access and use. There is an optional aggregate Biometric Report that can be added.

For those who select a coaching option, there is an individual report view (for the coach, but still confidential and not accessible by the employer).

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Coaching. We can work with your coaches or we can provide telephonic coaching by our certified Wellness Inventory coaches, as well as on-site coaching for many cities. Co-designed by coaches, the Wellness Inventory program is a dynamic coaching tool that helps maximize time with participants, maintain support between and after sessions, and improve results.

Private Labeling. An employer can co-brand the entire user experience with the company logo and link to a company wellness Facebook page (which we can provide, as another option).

Resources. An employer can add specific resources such as classes, workshops, programs, events, wellness services, and company wellness activities to the online portal.

Custom programming. Available upon request for a quote. Built on the .Net framework and hosted on our secure servers, the online portal can adapt to meet many special enterprise requirements.

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Working with your team, we can clearly identify your key metrics to track at six and twelve-month intervals your return-on-investment for the Wellness Inventory. It can be as simple or comprehensive as you want.

Metrics can include absenteeism, presenteeism (or other productivity measures you use), direct and indirect healthcare costs, and corporate earnings. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

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Wellness Inventory has helped us create a culture of wellness.
“Employees are embracing healthier lifestyle, including being more active, improving work/life balance, improving their ability to manage stress. We have 100% participation and are now entering our third year with the program.”

Aly Carter, Wellness Coordinator
"The Wellness Inventory is the fundamental component to our hospital's 7-Step wellness program. It provides a holistic foundation to enable people to discover ways to become responsible for their own health."
Patricia Duryea, PhD
Principal, Duryea and Associates
"The Wellness Inventory is an excellent tool to establish guiding wellness principles for greater quality of life. I have utilized the Wellness Inventory in our hospital's employee wellness program and our staff loved it!"
Lisa A. Perez, MA, CTRS
Employee Wellness Coordinator
"The Wellness Inventory is a central part of our employee wellness program. Well organized, easy to use, and powerful enough to promote profound change, it is a great way to start the conversation about wellness that is so desperately needed."
Cindy Breed, ND
"This self-assessment tool offers new insights into what makes life worth living.....The Wellness Inventory puts the health back into health care."
Kent W. Peterson, MD, FACPM
CEO, Occupational Health Strategies
Former director, American College of Preventive Medicine
"Intuitive in its approach, the Wellness Inventory results describe the strengths and weaknesses of the participant in a way that is both informative and educational. It is a valuable tool for better living."
William Thar, MD, MPH
VP of Research and Analysis
Franklin Health, Inc.
"As one of the first people to computerize the Health Risk Appraisal, Dr. Travis saw its limitations early on and developed the Wellness Inventory to extend into the all important quality of life issues."
Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD(hc)
President, American Health Association
Clinical Professor of Medicine
University of Maryland School of Medicine
and University of Arizona School of Medicine
"This tool should be part of every coach's tool box."
Dr. Patrick Williams
Master Certified Coach
CEO, Institute for Life Coach Training

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University program based on the Wellness Inventory receives American College Health Association award for innovation in student Wellness.
"a foundational wellness tool"
Stanford Research Institute

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