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Senior Living Communities

Independent Living Centers and Senior Living Communities may use the Wellness Inventory to create a wellness program for both residents and staff, to increase participant engagement in their personal wellness, and to support a community-wide culture of wellbeing. It can also be used to help reduce staff burnout.

The Wellness Inventory is a whole person wellbeing program which inspires people to continually progress toward optimal personal wellbeing. The program helps individuals in creating and managing individual wellbeing to realize their full potential for optimal living.

"...a foundational tool for wellness development."

Stanford Research Institute
Wellness Inventory

Program Benefits:

  • Brings a whole person focus to your wellness program.
  • Wellness and motivation profiles help participants focus on key priorities.
  • Action Plan, Virtual Coach, Progress Tracker, and Journal support continual improvement.
  • Increases participants' engagement in their personal wellbeing.
  • Provides targeted access to your current wellness resources and services.
  • Supports creating a culture of wellbeing in your organization.
  • Supports improved health and optimal living.

Reporting, Communication and Coaching Tools

We provide a suite of tools to support successful implementation of the Wellness Inventory program. Reporting, coaching, communication, and marketing tools facilitate deeper participant engagement, one-on-one coaching, and aggregate reports that are useful in creating programs targeted to community wellness needs.

Wellness Coaching

A certified wellness coach who is trained in our Wellness Inventory Certification Training can help maximize the program's effectiveness in helping your community members and staff create desired lifestyle change and a higher level of personal health and wellbeing. Contact us to discuss staff participation in our training.

Background of the Program - Inspiring People to Be Well

The Wellness Inventory is based on the pioneering work of John W. Travis, MD, MPH, recognized as a founder of the wellness movement. Dr. Travis was a protégé of Dr. Lewis Robbins, creator of the Health Risk Appraisal, while a resident at John's Hopkins and working with the US Public Health Service. In the early 1970s influenced by the pioneering work of Abraham Maslow and Halbert Dunn, MD, PhD, considered the grandfather of the wellness movement and author of High-Level Wellness (1961), he chose to dedicate his life to facilitating people taking responsibility for their health and wellbeing rather than treating patients.

He opened the first wellness center in the US in 1975 (Wellness Resource Center) and created the first wellness assessment (Wellness Inventory) as a whole person intake for the center. He was featured in a 60 Minutes interview with Dan Rather exploring the emerging wellness movement. The work at his wellness center was based on a forerunner of the coaching model, in which the client was the expert in his/her own life and had a co-creative relationship with the center's wellness facilitators. Dr. Travis authored the classic Wellness Workbook (Celestial Arts, 1981, 2004, 3rd Ed) which has been used by wellness and health promotion educators in universities for over thirty years.



"A foundational tool for wellness development."
Stanford Research Institute
Author of Spas and the Global Wellness Market
"An invaluable program for health professionals, clinics and hospitals, the Wellness Inventory is a powerful tool for 21st century integrative medicine."
Larry Dossey, MD
Author, Healing Beyond the Body, and Healing Words
Executive Editor, Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing
"This tool should be part of every coach's tool box."
Patrick Williams, PhD, MCC
Master Certified Coach
Founder, Institute for Life Coach Training
"I highly recommend this program."
James S. Gordon, MD
Founder and Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Author of Manifesto for a New Medicine
"A great time-tested tool to help people see where they are in life and where they want to go.”
Martin Rossman, MD
Author, The Worry Solution
Director, Collaborative Medicine Center
Co-founder, The Academy for Guided Imagery
"The Wellness Inventory pushes beyond health risk appraisals to the wellness dimension of the illness-wellness continuum. This self-assessment tool offers new insights into what makes life worth living.....The Wellness Inventory puts the health back into health care."
Kent W. Peterson, MD, FACPM
CEO, Occupational Health Strategies
Former director, American College of Preventive Medicine
Former Corporate manager, preventive & environmental medicine, IBM worldwide
"The Wellness Inventory is a refreshing approach after years of "strictly by the numbers" HRAs that tell you how old you ought to be or why you are not already dead. Intuitive in its approach, the Wellness Inventory results seem to have a knack for describing the strengths and weaknesses of the participant in a way that is both informative and educational. The Wellness Inventory provides a valuable tool for better living."
William Thar, MD, MPH
VP of Research and Analysis
Franklin Health, Inc.
"The Wellness Inventory is the fundamental component to our hospital's 7-Step Health and Wellness program. Dr. John Travis’ 12 key dimensions of wellness create a holistic foundation from which our clients not only explore the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues of life, but more importantly discover ways in which to become responsible for their own health."
Patricia A. Duryea, Ph.D.
"As one of the first people to computerize the Health Risk Appraisal, Dr. Travis saw its limitations early on and developed the Wellness Inventory to extend into the all important quality of life issues. For over 40 years, he has continued to keep it at the forefront of wellness."
Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD(hc)
President, American Health Association
Clinical Professor of Medicine
University of Maryland School of Medicine
and University of Arizona School of Medicine

For more information on licensing contact:

James Strohecker
HealthWorld Online, Inc.
(310) 823-9553

Wellness Dimensions Wheel

The Spa Wellness Solution

The Wellness Inventory is designed to enhance your spa's guest engagement and revenue enhancement strategies. The program enables your spa to be your guests' "year-round wellness solution" by enabling you to create personalized wellness programs for your guests which integrate key services and offerings from your spa, and to remain engaged with guests after their departure.

The Wellness Inventory is a whole person wellbeing program which inspires people to continually progress toward optimal personal wellbeing. The program helps individuals in creating and managing individual wellbeing to realize their full potential for optimal living.

"...a foundational tool for wellness development."

Stanford Research Institute

"a foundational wellness tool"
Stanford Research Institute
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