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Wellness Inventory Affiliate Program

Generate revenue and add value to your brand.

How our Affiliate Program works

  • Affiliates drive internet traffic to a special Wellness Inventory landing page through their unique affiliate links that allow us to track sales.
  • Affiliates earn 30% referral fees on all sales made through their links - $11.99 per sale.
  • Affiliate commission checks are sent monthly.
Earn a commission on every sale!
Participation in our Affiliate Program is free. We pay commissions on sales from all Wellness Inventory subscriptions you generate. We also offer a Premium Affiliate program that provides low cost consultation to optimize your marketing with Wellness Inventory and improve sales.

Online sales report available 24/7
Your online sales report is available on your special Affiliate login page. It includes all sales referred by your website, blog, e-newsletter, email promotions, or by you directly through conversations, lectures, or other promotional means.

Monthly payment of commissions
Your commissions will be paid on a monthly basis (if less than $50, you will be paid when they reach $50).

Access to web banners, text links & promotional materials
You will have access to web banners, images, and text links, and content for your website or blog through your password-protected affiliate admin login. You can also use your affiliate link and promotional content to promote the Wellness Inventory through emails or to your newsletter subscribers.

Easy to register
Complete the Affiliates registration form using the link below. When your application has been approved, we will immediately give you access to the advertising banners and promotional copy to help you sell on your site.

Join the Wellness Inventory Affiliate Program NOW.

Two Ways to Promote as an Affiliate

You can promote the Wellness Inventory online as well as through live events, lectures, interview and print media, as your affiliate link is very easy to remember.

  • Online: To use your Affiliate link for online promotion of the Wellness Inventory, simply place banner ads or text link on your website, or place text links or text promotions in your blog or e-newsletter.
  • Offline: If you are speaking before a live audience or being interviewed on radio or TV, giving out a long web address is not effective (Your affiliate link is short and easily memorable.).

Promotional Ideas for Special Markets

Health Practitioners
Promote the Wellness Inventory to your entire patient/client list as a tool to inspire them to take greater responsibility for improving their level of health and wellbeing by sharing your affiliate link. Your link is www.WellPeople.com/YourAffiliatelogin. If your affiliate login is "ABC" your affiliate link is www.WellPeople.com/ABC.

Health Newsletters
If you have an e-newsletter, send out a promotion for the Wellness Inventory with your Affiliate link. If you have a print newsletter, you can include your affiliate link.

Health & Wellness Radio Shows
The Wellness Inventory is a great tool for anyone of the path to better health, vitality and wellbeing. To promote the Wellness Inventory on your show, and be credited with the sales, simply give your unique affiliate link.

Health & Wellness Lectures & Seminars
If you lecture frequently or lead seminars, simply give your unique affiliate link to your audience.

Join the Wellness Inventory Affiliate Program NOW.



Join us for a FREE webinar about the Wellness
Inventory experience! For employers and
wellness professionals. We also cover our
acclaimed Certification Training.
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University program based on the Wellness Inventory receives American College Health Association award for innovation in student Wellness.
"a foundational wellness tool"
Stanford Research Institute

What is the new vision?

  • Illness-Wellness Continuum
  • Iceberg Model of Health
  • Wellness Energy System

    Certification Training

    Sept. 15 – Dec. 15, 2020 – Tues. 7-9 ET
    Sept. 16 – Dec. 16, 2020 – Wed. 1-3 ET
    Become a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach or Facilitator. Learn to effectively use the Wellness Inventory whole person assessment and life balance program with clients, patients, employees, and students. Learn our unique wellness coaching skill-set for supporting continual improvement.

    Approved transition program for national certification of health and wellness coaches.

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